Vancouver BC

If you want a fun place to visit then consider Vancouver British Columbia (BC). This sprawling city has something for everyone. Years ago we stayed in the center of downtown during spring break. I was concerned about staying in the city but my fears quickly left. Vancouver is a business hub but it is also home to many thousand residents. Our condo was a few blocks from the Burrard Bridge.

Vancouver is a walking city. It is densely populated and parking is metered and at a premium. When in the city we just walked everywhere. Places that we saw included Granville Island, Gas Town, the bridges, the outdoor sculpture gardens across the Burrard Bridge, the Olympic cauldron, etc. Vancouver was especially fun at night. It is a residential city and at night there were restaurant, music bars, clubs, and other entertainment almost on every block. The decorated trees make it seem almost like Christmas time in the spring.

While there were plenty of things to do in the city there were lots of activities just a short drive away. Some of the favorite places include:

  • Stanley Park: Some of the many features of Stanley Park include waterfront views, totem poles, mini lighthouse, trails, aquarium, statues, etc. This is a HUGE park so allow lots of time to see it. Be sure to see the views of the Pacific Ocean and of the Lion’s Gate Bridge. The aquarium is small but very nice.
  • Whistler: On the drive to Whistler you will encounter beautiful scenery, a mining museum, several waterfalls, and other assorted and interesting stuff. Be sure to check the road conditions because we could not see a couple of the waterfalls due to the snow.
  • Granville Island: This area has lots of interesting shops and is just over the bridge from download Vancouver.
  • Gas Town: Gas Town is the historical section of Vancouver. There are many restaurants and touristy shops. The buildings in this section are very unique. One of my personal favorites is the steam-powered clock.
  • Lynn Valley: Lynn Valley in East Vancouver and it has a Visitor’s Center, many trails, and a large suspension foot bridge. Access to the canyon and suspension bridge is free and there are small waterfalls and other sights on the trails.
  • Downtown Cuisine: The food downtown is wonderful. The Vancouver China Town has many excellent restaurants. There are chain restaurants as well as local and specialty restaurants.
  • Queen Elizabeth Gardens: These magnificent gardens are a short drive from the downtown center. This is a spectacular, multi-level garden that also has an enclosed conservatory. Be prepared to take lots of pictures here. The garden is at a higher elevation than the city and you can get some spectacular city views.

These are just a few things found in Vancouver. When in Canada be sure to liberally add the suffix “eh” to sentences to sound more like a local.