Getting Started

Document digitization includes scanning, organizing, and archiving. Data backup and archiving is one of those pesky tasks that no one likes to do but it is critical to safeguarding your data. Just as you must change the oil in your car to protect your engine, you must backup and archive your data to protect it.

Basic Document Conversion Tasks

  • Scan documents and photos
  • Create a folder (directory) structure
  • Organize the digital files in folders using appropriate filenames
  • Create a backup volume that is stored on-site
  • Create an archive volume that is off-site.

Benefits Include

  • Protecting your documents
  • Documents are easier to find & access
  • Significant space savings over physical documents
  • Multiple backups protect to protect documents

What You Will Need

  • Document scanner (photo scanner optional)
  • External drives (for backup and archives)
  • Stamper or pen to mark scanned documents
  • Folders, boxes, & sticky notes to process documents

Digitizing takes time and patience but digitized photos and documents are easy to access and backup. Mountains of printed information can be condensed onto a memory card or thumb drive. Digital copies will not decay over time the way printed material can. The job can be done all at once or a little at a time. You will be amazed at how much you can complete with a minimal time investment. Start with the most critical documents first and work backwards from there.