Tony and I worked together at Microvision on both the Flic and Rov bar code scanner products. I was impressed with how well Tony worked with Microvision’s customers and by the excellent support and documentation he provided.

Over the years, Microvision has offered several bar code scanner hardware configurations and provided SDKs, wedge software, and sample applications on many different platforms including Windows, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian, and others. Tony provided expert support to customers on those platforms, covering everything from serial port connectivity to Bluetooth, Windows Mobile to .NET, Flic to Rov, and everything in between.

Tony is an excellent technical writer who truly understands the technology he is writing about. At Microvision, this resulted in exceptionally clear and detailed documentation that included sample code and implementation tips.

Tony bridged to gap between sales support and engineering and worked closely with engineering as a customer advocate, bringing years of practical experience in the bar code industry to the design process.

Finally, Tony works exceptionally well with other people. He is highly personable, dependable, proactive, and a pleasure to work with.

Mark Bowers, CTO at MultiScale Health Networks

There are certain individuals you meet throughout your career that you know were critical to your success. For myself, Tony is one of those individuals. Not only was he critical to my team’s success, I would be comfortable saying he was critical to the Western Sales Staff’s success at Telxon. Because when others said it couldn’t be done (including our competition), Tony got it done.

Simply put, Tony has a gifted technical mind. Where others design and translate it to the computer, Tony just “thinks” computer.

Tony can work solo or as a team member equally well with little to no needed supervision. He gets the job done when others can’t. He has the discipline and dedication to get the project in on time. Unlike many in our industry, Tony knows how to keep a project clean, simple and is one of the best at keeping out “feature creep”.

If Tony applies for a job with you, do not let him get away. He is a professional.

Brett Lathrope, Computer Software Professional

I had the pleasure of supporting Tony with his software programs while at Telxon. I have a very high level of respect for Tony as a person and especially of his work. I have always found Tony to be very honest and forthright and thoughtful. Tony’s programs reflect a deep understanding of what the various languages and operating systems are doing in the background. His programs were always completed with flawless quality and his solutions were very creative and clever.

I remember asking him what recursion meant and getting not only a detailed description but, also the safeguards that must be incorporated, a complete list of caveat’s and what the best applications might be. Tony is a true programming professional, team player and a mentor to the less skilled.

Barry Ure, System Engineer at Quest Solution

I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Tony while at Telxon. Tony was always on the cutting edge of systems design and programming. Tony always took the time to help others system analyst with design or programming questions. I can highly recommend Tony’s technical ability and work ethics; he is a quick study and great person to work with.

David Macintire, Director, Information Technology at Heritage Credit Union