I have done computer work since the golden age of computing but have always had a passion for photography. Photography preserves fleeting moments and allows one to freeze time and capture memories. Photography also provides an excuse to see new things and to see old things in new ways.

My favorite photo subjects include nature, lighthouses, waterfalls, and bands. Basically, anything that gives me an excuse to see the world or listen to music is where I want to be. I invite you to peruse the site and enjoy the images and blog articles.

Be sure to check-out my other website at TonysPrep.com. This website is devoted to basic preparedness for hiking, earthquakes, storms, etc. It covers topics including preparing emergency kits, flashlights, portable stoves, water purification, and emergency food supplies and preparation.

Tony Cataldo
Email: tony-cataldo@msn.com
Instagram: TonyCataldoPhotos (I am not skilled at Instagram yet)