Writing Portfolio

This Writing Portfolio contains document samples. Sample documents have been sanitized and names and photographs have been removed. Additional writing are available upon request.

User Manuals

These manuals were written for non-technical and semi-technical audiences. The Pole Track system was used by field personnel to inventory equipment on utility poles (one company owns the pole and other companies lease space on the pole). This Prototype Printer Manual was written to provide an overview of bar code printers. This is an extraordinarily dry subject so this manual uses a humorous style to convey the technical information.

General Content

Emergency Preparedness is a passion with me and my preparedness website at TonysPrep.com contains over 220 articles (and counting), checklists, product reviews, and blogs. This site is always being expanded and updated as I review new products and learn more. The site was designed to help people cope with emergencies such as earthquakes, bad storms, evacuation, and road/hiking mishaps.

Site Surveys

Site surveys describe the placement of equipment for wireless networks. Conducting a site survey involves mapping radio coverage, documenting power requirements, and creating a complete parts list for the customer and installers. Note that names, photographs, and other details have been removed from the sample site surveys.


This API documentation was embedded in the SDK source code and extracted using a utility program. This process required NO manual editing of the documentation blocks. With this process all SDK documentation could be updated and compiled into the final knowledgebase in only a few minutes.


This sample contains Application Notes for a bar code scanner. These Application Notes were originally published in the product newsletter then were reformatted and added to the product knowledgebase.