Website Updates


Several customers required updates to their existing websites. Some of these customers migrated to new systems or frameworks and others required major migrations using the same framework. These migrations required data to be re-mapped, reformatted, and imported to the new system. Conversions varied in their level of complexity. Resolved issues included:

  • Import data from customer files and spreadsheets (simple)
  • Migrate data from incompatible systems or modules
  • Reformat and scrub data using incompatible formatting


Various companies and several platforms including Joomla, WordPress, CS Cart, Volustion, and Shopify.


Import Customer Data: This often involves taking customer data in a variety of formats and formatting that data in a manner compatible to the new system. Part of this process involves product classification which can involve creating product categories, tags, menus, etc. The specifics vary depending on the system used.

Data Mapping & Migration: When the systems are incompatible then data must be remapped, converted, and imported. This occurs when moving to a different framework or when performing a major migration within the same framework. For example, one customer was migrating from Joomla v1.5 to v3 and the old blogging module was not compatible with v3. The new blogging system used different SQL tables and different data formats. The data needed to be reformatted, column names changed, and then the data was imported to the new system.

Data Scrubbing: Customer data was migrated but some of the content pages differed in format from standard pages. Upon further investigation many of the pages were simply copy and pasted directly from word processor programs. These pages contained a variety of extraneous formatting tags that made the pages differ in appearance from the standard pages.

Product Details

HTML, CSS, MySQL, WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Volusion