Website Hosting

I am reseller of GoDaddy hosting and domain products. There are many hosting companies out there and I have used several. Some hosting companies are good but expensive, some turn from good to bad over time, some have bad support or no support, etc. Over the years I found that GoDaddy provides 24/7 support (which I have used many times), their service is extremely reliable, they offer a complete range of services, and they are affordably priced.

To signup for hosting you can visit my GoDaddy store at:

GoDaddy Storefront

You can either signup from the store or I can create an account for you and send you the login credentials. Most of the time I add the products to your cart so that you can login, add your credit card details, and pay for the hosting. If you want to exclude me from your account then simply change the account password. If I created the account for you and added items to your cart then

  • Login to your account using the credentials that I supplied
  • On the My Products page click on Cataldo Systems, Inc. in the upper-left
  • Click on the Cart link in the upper-right of the Store Front page
  • Enter your payment details and checkout
  • Your products will be available for you to use