VA Site Surveys


The senior RF field engineer needed assistance with a very large and complex RF site survey for the Seattle VA Hospital. This site survey would later serve as a sales tool for future hospital sites. The site survey document was also turned into a template file used for many other site surveys.


Intermec Corporation (Everett, WA)
Customers: Seattle VA Hospital, Portland VA Hospital, and other RF site survey customers.


A core team of three engineers spent nearly a week at the VA Hospital for the survey. The VA Hospital consists of about a dozen buildings most of which are multi-story. We determined equipment placement, and took rough installation notes and photographs. I then completely rewrote the existing site survey template and polished all of the rough notes taken while on-site.


I clarified finer points with the other engineer and produced a final document that the field engineer presented to the customer. The VA agreed to install the system and this document was later used as a sales presentation tool for other hospital sites.


The new format guides the customer through the entire site survey process and through the specifics for their site. This format also provides a very clear and consistent format that installers can follow when installing the system. Each component has complete instructions and part list needed for the installation. The consistent format, style definitions, and autotext tools also allow other to write more complete (and better-looking) site surveys in less time.