User Manual Reviews


Intermec printer manuals needed to be reviewed by an application programmer. These manuals were often unclear, inaccurate, or contained gaps. The Technical Publication department and engineering needed a pair of “fresh eyes” to spot problems with the manuals. The Technical Publications group did a beautiful job creating the manuals but they did not have the expertise to create demo code and test the interface details described in the manuals.


Intermec Corporation (Everett, WA)
Products: Model 3000, 4000, 4100, 4400.


Performed detailed reviews of several manuals and provided an abundance of constructive criticism. Suggestions included section ordering, eliminating redundant information, structuring manual in a more logical progression, and correcting example code that did not work as stated. Initial reviews were very in-depth and took several days for each manual.


Suggestions were incorporated and made the final manual more accurate. Faulty example code was updated so that it worked properly.


  • Manuals were more accurate
  • Examples worked properly
  • Redundant information was removed
  • Accurate manuals make the printer interface easier for end users