CA Judicial Counsel STATSCAN System


The California Municipal Courts needed a system to track court-related material such as evidence and documents. Court material including documents and evidence could be lost with the old manual system. The courts needed an electronic system that was easy to use, more accurate, and increased accountability.


Telxon Corporation (Anaheim, CA)


Created an application to track the court documents and evidence. The application stored the material asset number, the ID of the person handling the material, date/time, and status details. The terminal stored the information which was later uploaded to the mainframe for further processing and storage.


The court material was now easily tracked, the disposition of the material was recorded, and the mainframe maintained an audit trail.


  • Courts could easily track the location and disposition of material
  • Material was no longer lost and mishandled as in the manual systems
  • A uniform system was used by the Municipal Courts

Product Details

  • Telxon PTC-701 handheld terminal
  • Telxon TCAL (COBOL-like) programming language