SparQ Handheld (PPC)


Hayton Systems spent several years developing the SparQ system for total asset management. This system would track and manage all aspects of equipment repair, inspection, and maintenance. SparQ would allow users to group equipment in a hierarchy tree, define events, define tasks used in each event, and the tools/parts/instructions used in each task.The PC application would allow users to administer equipment, event, and task details. The PC would then send specific work details to a Pocket PC computer for use in the field. The Pocket PC computer would allow users to view equipment, events, and tasks to be completed and query the user for task-related information. The terminal would record task start / stop times, status details, notes, etc.


Hayton Systems (Arlington, WA)


I created a prototype Pocket PC application that was used to demonstrate some of the functionality required for the final application. The program managed various hierarchy lists and supported various data views.


This program was used in sales presentations and trade shows to show the basic functionality of the SparQ system. The prototype created a high level of interest in prospective customers.


This application would allow users to enter inspection, repair, and maintenance information while working on the equipment in the field. The collected data would then be seamlessly merged into the master database on the main PC.

Product Details

This application used the following:

  • Symbol Pocket PC terminal with color screen (ARM-based)
  • Microsoft Pocket PC emulator (x86-based)
  • Application was developed the using Microsoft Visual Studio and C/C++ programming languages with WIN32 API