Protocol Documentation


The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the European Union (EU) required Microsoft to fully document the protocols used in their products. This documentation is maintained in XML. The XML source is then transformed into the desired final output format (doc, docx, HTML, PDF, etc.). Maintaining these documents requires knowledge of XML and knowledge of proprietary project management and documentation tools.


Maintained protocol documentation for key Microsoft document sets. Added new sections, wrote and edited material, formatted the documents as per internal standards, etc. Some of the tasks were handled by an outsourced team. Working with the outsourced group required giving them very precise work specifications, directing their activity, editing and checking their work, and creating and submitting the legal responses to DOJ/EU.


Documents were enhanced, clarified, and maintained in an XML format that allows the document to be built in many different formats.

Product Details

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft DxStudio (internal documentation tool)
  • Microsoft Product Studio (internal document management system)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio