Experienced in writing various types of general, marketing, technical, and pricing proposals. These proposals are typically required for large bids for strategic or government contracts.

Technical Proposals

A Technical Proposal provides a detailed response to the project requirements of the customer. This proposal includes a complete description of the proposed solution, complete product descriptions, company and product details, project timelines, installation requirements, mean-time between failure (MTBF) analysis, etc.

Pricing Proposals

A Pricing Proposal contains system cost details including product costs, installation, maintenance, return on investment (ROI) analysis, and future expansion. Most Cost Proposals include mean-time between failure (MTBF) details, service/maintenance costs, and lifetime costs.

Management Proposals

The Management Proposal showcases the company itself. Some larger contracts require detailed information about the company including the amount of time in business, experience, management philosophy, financial details, and information on the key personnel (board members, executives, and key directors). The goal of the Management Proposal is to sell the company and to demonstrate that the company can fulfill the requirements.

Sales Proposals

A Sales Proposal combines abbreviated management, technical, and cost details. The purpose of the Sales Proposal is to sell your company, show the technical details of the project, and give the client cost figures for the project and alternative project options. The Sales Proposal gives the decision makers higher-level details including:

  • Management details to show that your company is qualified for the project
  • Technical details of the project (less detail then the Technical Proposal)
  • Costs, cost analysis, ROI, etc.