MarketOrder Seamless Ordering Prototype


MarketOrder wanted to replace their existing DOS legacy handheld terminals with Windows CE terminals. The new application needed the same core functionality plus a host of “wish list” features. This prototype was used as a proof-of-concept application to showcase the company to potential investors and potential customers.


MarketOrder.Com (Seattle, WA)


Designed, implemented, and documented a prototype application that included the core functionality from the existing legacy application and added many new features. The application was used for months to demonstrate the corporate vision of a future product. The demo included normal and template ordering, a message center, communications with a server application, and order entry/review.


This program was used for months to demonstrate the vision for the future handheld terminal. Management showed the application to potential investors, Sales and Marketing groups used it in trade shows and at sales presentations, and Engineering used it to test new hardware. The program transmitted the data to a server that reformatted and displayed the data on a web application. You could create an order on the terminal, transmit the data to the server, and view and manipulate that data on the server.


This application showed product direction and provided a base line for discussions of the final application. This prototype created excitement and interest in the company for potential investors and potential customers.

Product Details

  • Casio Cassiopedia E-100 terminal
  • Microsoft embedded Visual Studio
  • Embedded Visual C++ using Win32
  • Microsoft Visual Studio with Embedded CE Toolkit and WIN32 API