Spokane is a large city on the border of Washington State and Idaho. The city contains many interesting sights, but my favorites (so far) are Manito Park and Riverfront Park. Be advised that the streets in Spokane are extremely confusing. It is good to have a navigator who can run a GPS.

Manito Park

A “must see” place is Manito Park located on the west side of Spokane. This huge park contains multiple gardens including the Nishinomiya Japanese Garden, the Duncan Garden (a formal garden), the Rose Garden, and Perennial Garden. It also contains the Gaiser Conservatory, Mirror Pond, playgrounds, open areas, etc. We normally park near the Rose Garden and there are additional parking areas nearby. If you visit in early spring be sure to enjoy the Lilac Garden.

We visited the Old Fashioned Rose Garden in late September and the roses seemed to be in full bloom. The sheer number of different rose varieties was amazing. All of the different colors were just stunning.

The Japanese Garden is exquisite and peaceful. Large koi fish glide through the water and the still surface of the pond reflects images of the curved bridge and the trees.

The Duncan Garden is a formal garden adjacent to the Conservatory building. This garden is quite impressive and quite large. Lots of varieties of flowers and lots of colors to enjoy.

Riverfront Park

The Spokane Riverfront Park was the site of the 1974 World’s Fair and it is huge, diverse, and just amazing. This huge park has waterfalls, amphitheaters, playgrounds, lots of paths, sculptures and other artwork, an old-school carousel, and much more. You have to look all around when exploring the many paths in the park because there is artwork and other eye candy all around.

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