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Seattle Art Deco

This is a non-exhaustive list of Art Deco structures in Seattle. I highly recommend taking tours by the Seattle Architecture Foundation. These tours are fun, informative, and inexpensive.


Woolworth Store (now Ross)
c. 1935-1940
Third Ave. & Pike St
Harold B. Hamhill (NY; stock design for multiple stores)

The Bon Marche (now Macy’s)
1929; three stories added in 1956
3rd Ave. & Pine St
John Graham, Sr.

United Shopping Tower (now Olympic Tower)
Third Avenue & Pine Street
Henry Bittman

Roosevelt Hotel
7th Ave. & Pine St
John Graham, Sr.

Seattle Times Building
1120 John St
Robert Reamer

MGM/Loew’s Film Distribution (now restaurant)
2331 2nd Ave.
Earl Morrison

Capitol Hill

Seattle Art Museum (no Seattle Asian Art Museum)
1931-1933 (Art Moderne Elements)
Volunteer Park
Bebb and Gould

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
732 18th Ave. East
Albertson, Wilson & Richardson, Joseph Wilson

Baroness Apartments
1005 Spring St
Schack & Young

Belroy Apartments
703 Bellevue Ave. East
Bain & Pries

Beacon Hill

U.S. Marine Hospital (now Pacific Medical Center)
1131 14th Ave. South
Bebb& Gould, John Graham Sr.

Central District

Fire Station No. 6
1932 (Art Moderne Elements)
101 23rd Ave. South
Dudley Stewart

First Hill

Harborview Hospital
325 9th Ave.
Thomas, Granger & Thomas

University District/NE Seattle

Edmond Meany Hotel (now Hotel Deca>
4507 Brooklyn Ave. NE
Robert C. Reamer

Cowen Park Bridge
1936, WPA Project
15th Ave. NE between 62nd St & Cowen Place NE
Clark Eldridge, Bridge Designer

Greenlake Park Apartments
448 NE Revenna Blvd
Architect unknown

Magnuson Park Buildings
Building 25 (Administration Building) 6222 NE 74th St (1937)Building 30 (Hanger and Office Building) 6310 NE 74th St (1939)
Architects unknown

North/West/Northwest Seattle

Downtown Dog Lodge
1405 Elliot Ave. West
Architect and original use unknown

Pedestrian Bridge
Over Aurora Ave, North at North 41st St
Architect unknown