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Pololu Valley

Pololu Valley Overlook

The Pololu Valley on the Big Island is one of those stunning places that you must see in person. This is a beautiful valley on the Kohala Coast has an abundance of plant and animal life, a black sand beach, and one of the most impressive overlooks on the Island. The incoming waves look particularly impressive as they create ever changing white foam patterns.

Pololu Valley from Trail

The trail from the overlook to the beach takes is about 0.75 miles with a 350′ elevation gain (or drop) and takes about 20 minutes. The trail is not difficult but I would recommend wearing some decent shoes. Along the way you will be treated to several impressive views of the valley.

Pololu Valley Beach

The trail ends on a spectacular black sand beach. You will also see lush vegetation, animals, driftwood, and lots of white foam generated by the waves. To get to the valley take Highway 270, drive through the black lava landscapes of the Kohala Coast and park where the road ends. The trailhead is at the far end of the parking area.

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