Print Points

We want to give customers flexibility when choosing photo packages. Rather than offering packages where you get a choice of print sizes we use a simple point system so you can create your own custom print package. The print sizes use this simple point table:

Points Print Sizes
1 4×6, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4
3 5×7
4 8×10
4 Wallets (8 images)
8 8×12, 10×12, 10×16
12 10×24

For example, with 60 points you could order 15@ 8x10s, 20@ 5x7s, 60@ 4x6s, or any combination or prints that total 60 points. This allows you to choose the combination of prints to match your needs.

There are also 3 finishes: luster, gloss, and metal. The luster is a lower gloss, softer finish. The gloss is the standard smooth, glossy finish. The metal finish is a very bright, high gloss finish that really makes the images come alive. Be sure to check our pricing on other types of prints such as canvas, metal, and novelties.

Points Pricing
each $1.50/point
100 $135 (10% off $150 normal price)
200 $255 (15% off $300 normal price)