Emergency Supplies

Emergency preparedness is not just for the hardcore survivalists who plan to live through a zombie apocalypse or through extreme civil unrest. You could find yourself in need of basic supplies if there is an earthquake, large storm, heavy snow, etc. Preparing for an emergency is far easier than most people think. There are many resources available including a Preparedness Checklist published by the Red Cross.

One vital component of emergency preparedness is food and water. Most people WANT to have an emergency food supply but few actually have one. Getting an emergency food supply assembled is actually quite easy and affordable. I am a consultant for Thrive Life that supplies freeze dried and dehydrated foods. These supplies are meant to be used both for emergency preparedness and also for everyday use. Most have a shelf life of 25 years and most do NOT contain preservatives or chemicals.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in more information or would like to see a demonstration. You can view the product line at ThriveLife.com. This site shows the retail prices and the consultant prices are a bit less.

Tony Cataldo

There are MANY excellent emergency preparedness products and companies. These are a few that I personally like.

Water Storage I like the Water Bricks because they are durable, BPA-free, cost effective, and stackable. In addition, they store 3.5 gallons of water and are easy to carry. They were designed so that one person could easily carry one in each hand. They are available through Water Brick or through Amazon, or a number of other suppliers.
Water Filtration I like the Sawyer water filters. Their small filter can be used with a straw or connected to a water bottle. For home water filtering the bucket adapter version can filter 50+ gallons per day.
Food I like the products offered by Thrive Life because they have a good variety, they are cost effective, many are GMO free, most have no chemicals or preservatives, and most have a 20+ year shelf life.