2017 Calendar Pages

These are the tentative pages for my 2017 wall calendar. The calendar also includes funny holidays, historical days, and other off-the-wall days.


The 2017 calendar contains images from Washington, Canada, Montana, Wyoming, and California. Subjects range from old vehicles, historic buildings, national parks, and local scenes.


January – Sylvan Columns

The Sylvan Columns at night on the campus of the University of Washington in Seattle. The campus boasts some remarkable architecture and is remarkable during the day but contains some stellar spots at night.


February – Snow Geese Rising

A couple of years ago Charles and I went to Skagit in search of Snow Geese. I wanted to get some shots very close to a flock while they ascended into the air. We found a field with a small flock feeding and we quietly walked up to the flock, set our camera exposure, took some test shots, and waited. We waited for a fair amount of time and then the entire flock took to the air for no apparent reason. It was incredible and the noise of all of those wings was remarkable.


March – Pelican

When we visit California I try to get pelican shots from Palos Verdes. The steep cliffs create an updraft and these giant, awkward birds just spread their wings and ride the wind. I can normally get good photos because their bodies do not normally move when they are in glider mode.


April – Rusty Things

These are a variety of rusty vehicles. Rusty things make great photo subjects because they have interesting colors and textures and they are generally stationary.


May – Rainbow

While driving towards Snohomish we spotted an rainbow with the most intense colors that I had ever seen. I put a circular polarizing filter on my lens and took shots from various locations. In this photo I turned down the image clarity to give it a more dreamy appearance.


June – Old Mission

On the way home from our roadtrip to Yellowstone we stopped in the little town of Cataldo, Idaho. Just outside of town was the charming Mission. The mission was remarkable. Back in the day they did not have ornate or fancy materials. The alter was made from wood but painted to resemble marble. Some of the decorations were cut from tin can using a pocket knife. The floors are hand-hewn timbers.


July – Fireworks

We have some crazy-cool fireworks in Marysville, WA. These are some off-the-shelf fireworks that were launched in my neighborhood.


August – Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park is one of those “must see” places. The thermal features are incredible and the wildlife is stunning.


September – National Parks

This page is a tribute to some of our National Parks. Yosemite is my favorite National Park and there are so many places to see in Yosemite that it would require a few books to describe them all. Death Valley is surprising because of the unexpected variety of sights and places in the park. We spent hours just photographing sand dunes because it was far more interesting than I expected. Crater Lake is simply stunning. The photos do not do justice to this pace and it must be experienced firsthand. Grand Teton is just outside of Yellowstone and the rugged mountains are truly a sight to behold.


October – Fall Colors

This is a local driveway adorned by leaves that took on their fall colors.


November – Doors

These are various doors from past photo safaris.


December – Capitols

These images are from Capitol buildings in Helena, Montana; Boise, Idaho; Olympia, Washington; and Victoria, British Columbia. State Capitol buildings are a favorite for photos because of their unique architecture, color, and lighting.